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My work as a Danish SEO Consultant

I work as a Danish search engine optimization consultant – in a more abbreviated version, just an Danish SEO consultant – in addition to my work as an Google Ads (Adwords) and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) consultant. I have been working with Search Engine Marketing, Google Ads (Adwords), Conversion Rate Optimization, and Online Marketing since 2006. One of the areas I have been particularly interested in is SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization.

The 5 SEO Ranking Factors

The landscape of SEO has changed a lot since it caught my interest almost 10 years ago – in 2006. At that time, one could come fairly far by simply focusing on the website, which was more or less SEO optimized, and then add some backlinks. The quality of the content was far less important than it has today. The methods, which seemed fine in 2006-2007 no longer work.

Today, search engine optimization is divided into 5 main areas:

User Signals



On-page (technical SEO)

On-page (content)

Each of these areas affects how your web site “ranks” in the search engines. If you want to learn more, you can read more about Search Engine Ranking Factors here (Searchmetrics ranking factors analysis, 2014).

As you probably may know, social media did not really exist back in 2006-2007, so Social SEO therefore played no role in the SEO landscape back then. The term “Social SEO” did not exist back then. This is no longer the case. Today, social SEO is among the most important elements in relation to ranking. You can read more about this in Searchmetrics’ ranking factors analysis. My point is just that if you are not considering all the elements of your search engine optimization strategy, you just make it more difficult for yourself to achieve the high positions in Google’s organic search results. One of the areas I often often find that companies have completely overlooked in their SEO strategy is precisely Social SEO, which in fact weighs a lot on the overall picture. Why is this the case, I have often wondered a lot about? I think it comes from a combination of bad habits and a lack of knowledge.

SEO anno 2015

It is true that SEO has changed a lot over the past few years. Just think of some of Google’s latest algorithm updates: Panda and Penguin. In addition to these major updates, Google annually changes the search algorithm 500-600 times. You can read more about that here. With so many changes in the search algorithm, knowledge constantly has to be updated if one is to be able to keep up as an SEO consultant.

I have gradually advised and helped a number of companies with their SEO strategy, and what I unfortunately often have to admit is that they have previously had another SEO agency, SEO consultant or SEO specialist in place. That is why, as many of my colleagues have also experienced, I have gained a lot of insight into how others work with search engine optimization. Fortunately, I also see good work, which shows that the Danish search engine optimization experts can really do their stuff. Unfortunately, once in a while, I also see something that surprises me a lot: SEO strategies, which are obviously built around yesterday’s knowledge. I don’t think anyone deliberately tries to cheat. On the other hand, I believe there are bad habits and lack of knowledge.

By “bad habits” I mean that over the years you may have had the habit of doing things in a special way. It may be that you have worked with search engine optimization for a number of years, and have had good success with its old-fashioned strategies. Although the landscape has changed a lot in recent years – especially due to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and other social media – and what we call “earned” today. Traditional link building – and nature life Panda and Penguin – has been successful in selling yourself as an SEO consultant on old success stories and old references. The companies, who often find it difficult to assess what works in 2015, end up buying consulting hours from an SEO consultant using an old-fashioned SEO strategy.

What worked well yesterday does not necessarily work well today. Therefore, “lack of knowledge” is extremely unfortunate – especially when working with search engines where there is so much that constantly changes. One can fortunately do a lot to stay up to date. You can follow up by subscribing to talented SEO specialists and SEO agency newsletters, reading blogs, reading literature such as SearchEngineLand and SearchEngineWatch, and of course reading what Google itself writes on the subject. In addition, there are many good and updated books (in English) about search engine optimization that you can find by searching a little on Amazon. I myself have, through my company Jaskov Consult ApS – also a Moz Pro license, and thus get really good and updated knowledge in the area. If you want to stay updated and have genuine interest in the area, there is fortunately no shortage of information.

A few good tips and tricks for companies

As a company one can fortunately do some preparatory work before hiring a consultant. Here I am thinking, in particular, of three things:

1: Check the Google Consultant’s name

2: Checking the social media

3: Reading for references

I am lucky to be the only one in the world with my name: Thomas Jaskov. The same applies to my company, Jaskov Consult ApS.

Therefore, I do my best to keep my reputation as good as possible. How do I do it? I do that by delivering an honest job and delivering what I promise. Simple as that! In addition, as a company, the Google consultant’s “reputation” on the Internet, one can also look at the social media and get an idea of ​​what others have written, and last but not least, you can ask the consultant for references before hiring him /her.

What do I do to deliver a good service?

I focus on spending my time professing myself within my profession – my craft. Much of my working time for customers goes with technical (hands-on) work with SEO, Adwords, Bing, CRO, Analytics. In addition, I am also paid to provide advice. That is, I am paid for my knowledge. If I have to deliver “a fresh product” then it is of no use that I deliver yesterday’s news. Much of my spare time (I call it “spare time” because it is not something I bill my customers for and therefore completely unpaid for me) therefore goes with keeping me updated on SEO, SEM, PPC, CRO, and what you otherwise you can find out about funny 3-letter abbreviations in this world. But since my work is also my hobby, and I am really passionate about everything that has to do with online marketing – I simply cannot help but read daily news in the area. So keeping me up to date actually comes by itself.

Therefore, I also think that I am very fortunate and privileged to be able to work with the subject / craft I love so much.

If you want to read a little more about my work as a Google Adwords and SEO consultant, you can visit my company’s website at www.jaskovconsult.dk.

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